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Hi, my name is Paul Frank. I go to lots of shows by myself and listen to a lot of music. i'm super awesome and humble.

The main purpose of this blog is to keep track of all the shows I've attended (see PAST SHOWS link above) as of right now, but eventually the goal is for this site to serve as a huge repository of information on seeing live music in Minneapolis.

NOTE: Therefore the site and all of the pages are under construction but will one day be something beautiful/useful.

I’m not going to this but the lights are pretty or whatever

I’m not going to this but the lights are pretty or whatever

3 weeks ago
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Pages Linked To On The Side Of This Page Have Content in Them, More Coming Soon (Many Videos!)

The Upcoming and Past Shows are updated often. Soon I will post videos, setlists, reviews, opinion, etc.

1 year ago
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Divine Fits: “Would That Not Be Nice” in Minneapolis

11 months ago
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Welcome to this blog. Figured I should have an introductory post before I dive in.

Hope to use this blog to post videos and reviews of concerts I go to along with random funny things that happen in my life recapped funnily.

Should be a good time.

2 years ago
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